Mr. Duck Duck – Rouen Duck

Mr. Duck Duck is our resident Rouen Duck. He was brought to us in the summer of 2012. A rancher’s dogs had found him as a little fledgling and torn out most of his feathers. Mr. Duck Duck was lucky enough to not sustain any permanent damage. He is now healthy and could fly if he chose to. It seems he enjoys the foundation so much that he wants to remain here and, being that he is not a native species, he could not be released into the wild. Both the two and four legged animals here are happy to have his company.


The Rouen duck originated in French farms and by 1800 could be found throughout English farms as well. The original name of this duck is not known, however, England and France finally adopted Rouen as the common name in the beginning of the 1800s.


Male Rouens, or drakes, have a very distinct green head and yellow beak. They have a white band around their neck with a chestnut and gray body. The males greatly resemble the male Mallard Duck. The females are a drab brown with iridescent purple wing feathers. Their size and meat quality make them a valued roasting duck. However, during the year they only produce 35-125 eggs and incubation of the eggs takes 6-8 months making the Rouen unfit for commercial meat production. They are commonly used as small farm roasting ducks or show ducks.